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Enter NOW for a chance to WIN a FREE copy of "Love for Levon" CD/DVD!
We’ll pick 10 lucky winners during the PREMIERE February 17 at 8pE.
1. Follow @AXSTV on Twitter
You must follow @AXSTV before you enter.
2. To enter, tweet why you need to win a copy of "Love for Levon." Your tweet must include @AXSTV & #axsLevon.
Multiple entries are OK! Each tweet you make will count as an entry.
For example: I want to score a "Love For Levon" CD/DVD from @AXSTV #axsLEVON.
About this offer:
Contest ends on February 17, 2013 at 10pE. We’ll pick our winners at random during the broadcast, and contact the winner by DM on Twitter.
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