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Be candid! What do you and your sibling like to do together? Tweet it with #CandidlyNicole for a chance to be a part of Nicole Richie's show!

Do you and your brother or sister like to...
  • ...go out for drinks?
  • ...fight?
  • ...catch a movie?
  • everything together?
On the latest episode of her AOL On show #CandidlyNicole (watch below), Nicole Richie and her sister get their ears pierced together - now it's your turn! Tweet what you and your sibling(s) like to do together and Nicole Richie may discuss it on her show.

Tweet using #CandidlyNicole and she might just tell you - and her 4 million Twitter followers - exactly what she thinks about it.

Here's how to share:

1. Click the button below and tweet the activity that you like to do together!
Multiple tweets are OK! Each tweet you make will improve your chances on being on the show. Note: Your tweet must include "#CandidlyNicole" for consideration.

2. Follow @AOLon on Twitter for the latest #CandidlyNicole show updates and to see if you'll be on a future episode!

You tweeted? Great! Now sit back, relax and watch the latest episode of #CandidlyNicole below!

Terms and conditions:

You must be 18 or older to be eligible.

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