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There's been a great response to the Evoke CRM study I just wrapped up looking at the 'social activity' of some of the leading CRM and SBS vendors (are they walking the walk?).

Based on a number of requests I've added 6 new vendors to the analysis, and updated the rankings as shown.

For fun I also looked at a couple of the leading email (and increasingly socially-oriented) marketing vendors: ExactTarget (@ExactTarget) and Constant Contact (@ConstantContact), and if I had included them, both would be off the chart with scores of 109 and 121 respectively! Both did very well on the Tweetlevel engage score and each has been extremely active blogging (esp. ExactTarget) and generating comments (Constant Contact had the second highest number of blog comments during May-July, only behind SugarCRM).

What else did I learn from this latest update? INgage (@INgageNetworks) may be less well known than Lithium or Awareness (or Oracle!) but is clearly serious about social marketing and is right there in the 'Mavens' group, and Nimble (@Nimble), a newcomer to the SocialCRM scene has done a good job getting on the social radar in a short amount of time. Also, perhaps surprisingly, ATG (a client, and on Twitter at: @ATG_ecommerce) known more for e-commerce, is nonetheless right behind Jive in term of social outreach activity and is the top ranked vendor in the 'Social Climbers' group.

Look for additional updates and refer to my blog for more details on the study methodology and initial results, along with some background and commentary on the state of B2B social marketing.

Thanks for reading and feel free to drop me a line (allen AT if you'd like to share your social marketing success stories or challenges!
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